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Small Business Solution

From seamless call quality to advanced features, experience the ultimate phone experience with us.

Your partner in growth and success

We’re always by your side, helping your business soar high and wide.

Cost savings

Save on communication costs, as it uses the internet to transmit voice calls instead of traditional phone lines.

Increased flexibility

Increased flexibility in communication, as it can be used from anywhere with an internet connection.

Advanced features

Call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling that are typically only available on high-end traditional phone systems.


Highly scalable and can easily be expanded to accommodate business growth.

Connect Globally 3ctel

Experience excellence, every time

From first "hello" to final "goodbye", we'll make your communication fly high!

Consistent call quality

Excellent call quality, ensuring that your business calls are clear and free from disruptions or dropped calls.

Collaborate with Ease

Features such as call routing, conference calling, voicemail, and call recording help to enhance communication and increase efficiency in your business.

Tailored to Your Needs

Highly customizable, allowing your business to tailor their communication solutions to their specific needs. This means that you can choose the features and services that are most relevant to your business and adapt them as your needs change.

Growing your business

A cost-effective solution that can help save money on communication costs. It eliminates the need for expensive traditional phone lines and hardware, and offers affordable rates.

Never drop a call again with our industry-leading reliability

Simplifying the complex, delivering success

From tangled wires to crystal-clear calls, we simplify the complex, delivering success.

Stay Connected on the Go

Enable employees to take their office phone number with them wherever they go, allowing them to make and receive business calls from anywhere with an internet connection.

Flexible and Scalable Communication

Whether you need to add or remove phone lines, adjust your calling plan, or integrate new features, we make it easy to do so.

Streamline Your Business Communication

Integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems allowing you for a more streamlined workflow and increased efficiency.


Work with your teams, wherever they are

Incorporate 3CTEL’s phone features seamlessly into your preferred business applications, such as Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce, and tailor integrated applications to fit your company’s specific requirements.

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Connect From Any Device​

Our Applications Let you connect from any device & connects you to the world 

Make the switch to VoIP and enjoy enterprise-level features at an affordable price

Upgrade your communication game with VoIP and get access to advanced features typically reserved for larger enterprises.

Quick and easy deployment, often without the need for on-site technicians, helping your business get up and running faster, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions.

With the rise of remote work, we all need communication systems that can be deployed remotely. Our system can be easily configured to remote workers, allowing them to access the same communication features as their in-office colleagues.

Our system is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor your communication system to meet your unique needs.

Deployed at a lower cost than traditional phone systems, with lower hardware and maintenance costs.