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Financial Services Solution

From seamless call quality to advanced features, experience the ultimate phone experience with us.

Powering Your Financial Communications into the Future

Enhance your communication capabilities, improve collaboration, and stay connected with clients and employees no matter where they are.

Financial services


Our system can record calls and store them in the cloud, making compliance much easier.

Advanced features

Features like auto-attendant, call forwarding can help your firm manage their communication needs and improve customer service.


Features like instant messaging and presence can help employees quickly find and connect with the right people.


Calls can be forward to backup mobile numbers, ensuring that communication is never lost.

Connect Globally 3ctel

Stay Connected with Your Clients Anytime, Anywhere with VoIP.

Never miss a call or opportunity to provide financial advice and support, whether you're in the office or on the beach.

Never Miss a Call Again

Take your phone system with you wherever you go. Whether you're working from home or meeting with clients, you can stay connected and never miss an important call.

Be More Productive on the Go

Work from your smartphone or laptop, which means you can be productive from anywhere. Whether you're travelling or waiting for a client, you can keep working and stay on top of your tasks.

Collaborate Like a Pro

You can easily collaborate with your colleagues, even if they're in different locations. You can use features like video conferencing and screen sharing to work together in real-time and get things done faster.

Protect Your Clients' Privacy

We help you protect your clients' privacy by encrypting your communication and ensuring that sensitive information is kept secure. This can help build trust with your clients and give them peace of mind.

Never drop a call again with our industry-leading reliability


Transforming the Way banking Services Communicate

Say goodbye to boring, outdated banking communication methods!

Increase Efficiency with Automated Processes

Automate many routine banking processes such as call routing and queuing, enabling employees to focus on more important tasks.

Ensure Business Continuity with Redundancy

Provides redundancy by automatically routing calls to backup mobile devices in case of network failure. This ensures that communication is never lost, enabling business continuity.

Provide a Consistent Customer Experience across All Channels

Offer a consistent customer experience across all channels, whether customers contact the bank through phone, email, chat, or social media. This helps provide seamless customer service.

Reduce Wait Times and Improve Call Handling

Improve call handling times and reduce wait times by automating call routing and queuing. This ensures that customers are quickly connected to the right agent, reducing frustration and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Investment Management

The Key to Seamless Communication in Financial Services

Communication is the backbone of financial services, and VoIP is the key to unlocking seamless communication.

Enables investment managers to communicate with clients in real-time, leading to better client engagement and retention. Features like video conferencing and screen sharing also help investment managers provide more personalized and effective advice.

VoIP systems can automate many routine investment management processes, enabling investment managers to focus on more important tasks such as portfolio management and research. This can help investment managers increase productivity and ultimately improve returns for clients.

Our system provides call recording and archiving features, which can help investment managers comply with regulatory requirements and provide evidence of compliance in case of audit or investigation.


Work with your teams, wherever they are

Incorporate 3CTEL’s phone features seamlessly into your preferred business applications, such as Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce, and tailor integrated applications to fit your company’s specific requirements.

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Connect From Any Device​

Our Applications Let you connect from any device & connects you to the world