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High-quality voice communication that allows you to make crystal clear calls to anyone, anywhere in the world. With features like call recording and call forwarding, you'll have everything you need to stay connected with your colleagues and friends.


Messaging feature allows you to easily send and receive messages with your contacts. You can also create groups for team collaboration and share files, photos, and videos. With end-to-end encryption, you can be confident that your messages are private and secure.


Video communication that enables you to have face-to-face conversations with your team, no matter where you are. With advanced features like screen sharing you can collaborate in real-time and make your meetings more engaging and productive.


The SMS feature allows you to stay in touch with clients and vendors via text messages, using your business phone number. This makes it easy to send quick updates, appointment reminders, or important information to external contacts.

Connect for a Cause with Our VoIP Services

Connect for a Cause with Our VoIP Services

Cost-effective Communication

Save money on communication costs by eliminating the need for traditional phone lines and equipment.

Flexible Solutions

Easily add or remove phone lines and features as needed.

Collaborative Communication

Improve collaboration among staff and volunteers using audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing.

Accessible Communication

Communicate with donors, supporters, and other stakeholders, regardless of their location.

Connect Globally 3ctel

Maximise Your Impact with High-Quality

Clearer communication helps reach and connect with more People.

Donor Outreach Made Easy

Reach out to donors more easily and efficiently, regardless of their location. With advanced features like video conferencing and messaging, you can communicate with donors in real-time, leading to more effective outreach and fundraising.

Cost-Effective Fundraising

Save money on communication costs associated with fundraising, such as long-distance charges and phone line fees. This can result in more funds being directed toward the nonprofit's mission and programs.

Personalised Campaigns

Personalise your communication with donors by offering features like caller ID and automated voice messages.

Secure Fundraising

Advanced security features such as encryption, ensuring that donor information is kept confidential and secure during fundraising campaigns.

Never drop a call again with our industry-leading reliability

Empower Your Mission with Our VoIP Solutions

Communicate more efficiently and effectively leaving a greater impact.

Streamlined Communication

Simplify communication between staff and volunteers by using features like audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing.

Remote Management Made Easy

Using features like mobile app and virtual meeting rooms, you can communicate and collaborate with staff and volunteers from anywhere, making it easier to manage operations from a distance.

Integrated Management

By integrating with other tools and platforms like CRM software, VoIP streamlines your operations and improves efficiency across all areas of organisation.


Work with your teams, wherever they are

Incorporate 3CTEL’s phone features seamlessly into your preferred business applications, such as Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce, and tailor integrated applications to fit your company’s specific requirements.

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Connect From Any Device​

Our Applications Let you connect from any device & connects you to the world 

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Enhance Collaboration and Efficiency with VoIP

Boost your collaboration and efficiency with powerful communication tools.

Tools like audio and video conferencing, messaging, and file sharing simplifies communication. This leads to better collaboration, improved productivity, and more effective teamwork.

Collaborate across distances and time zones using features like virtual meeting rooms. These tools enable teams to work together as if they were in the same room, regardless of their location.

With features like conference calling and instant messaging, you can communicate in real-time and make decisions on the spot.