3ctel for Jetpack CRM


Empower your Salesforce system with cloud communications capabilities and create a more collaborative CRM experience.

Key features

  • When a call comes in, 3CTEL can display information about the caller, such as their name, contact information, and history of interactions with the company. This information can be pulled from Jetpack CRM and displayed in real-time.
  • When a call ends, 3CTEL can automatically create a record of the call in Jetpack CRM. This record can include information such as the date and time of the call, its duration, and any notes or follow-up tasks.
  • Users can initiate calls from within Jetpack CRM by clicking on a phone number. 3CTEL can automatically dial the number and connect the user to the recipient, without the need to manually dial or copy and paste the number.
  • 3CTEL can record calls and automatically save them to Jetpack CRM as attachments to call records.
  • When a new caller is identified by 3CTEL, Jetpack CRM can automatically create a new lead record.


Improved call handling:

Users can prioritize calls and assign them to specific agents or teams based on predefined criteria. This can help businesses handle calls more efficiently and reduce wait times for customers.

Increased transparency:

With call recording and logging, businesses can increase transparency and accountability. By providing agents with access to call records and customer data, businesses can ensure that agents are following best practices and delivering quality customer service.

Competitive advantage:

By providing a more personalized and efficient customer experience, businesses can gain a competitive advantage in their market. 

Better data management:

Businesses can keep their customer data in one place and avoid data duplication. By linking call records to customer records, businesses can have a complete view of their customer interactions and history.


    • Access to the Jetpack CRM API in order to retrieve customer data, create lead records, and perform other tasks within Jetpack CRM. 
  • Necessary server and network infrastructure to support the integration between 3CTEL and Jetpack CRM.




Contact Synchronisation 

Inbound/outbound calls from/to external numbers trigger a CRM contact lookup to add to 3CTEL Contacts, so the contact name is automatically shown on your phone’s display when dealing with a call.

Call Pop-ups 

Customer records brought up automatically when you receiving an inbound call using the Web Client or Desktop App.

Call Journals 

Calls are logged as CRM events.

Chat Journals 

Chats are logged as CRM events.

Create a new contact 

Automatically when a call is made or received from / to an unknown number.

Click to Call 

Launch calls straight from Jetpack via 3CTEL, using the 3CTEL Click2Call Browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.



Work with your teams, wherever they are

  • Integrate 3ctel phone capabilities into your favorite business apps like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.
  • Create integrated apps that work for your business’s unique needs with our open APIs, SDKs, widgets, and more.

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