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Revolutionize Your Phone Experience with Our VoIP Service

From seamless call quality to advanced features, experience the ultimate phone experience with us.

Increased Efficiency

Virtual meetings save time and travel expenses, making it easier to collaborate with team members and clients from anywhere.

Enhanced Communication

Video conferencing allows for face-to-face interactions, improving communication and building stronger relationships among team members and clients.

Screen Sharing

Participants can share their screens to present documents, slides, or other visuals, improving collaboration and productivity.

Global Reach

VoIP video conferencing allows companies to connect with clients and partners from around the world, increasing opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Connect visually, collaborate effectively

Say goodbye to miscommunication and hello to productive teamwork with crystal-clear video quality.


Compatible with a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This makes it easier for participants to join meetings from their preferred device and location.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Video conferencing allows participants to work from home or remote locations, providing more flexibility and improving work-life balance.

On-Screen Whiteboard

An excellent tool for facilitating productive brainstorming sessions allowing participants to visually express their ideas and collaborate in real-time, no matter where they are located.

Connect Globally 3ctel

Connect from Anywhere, Meet like you’re there!

Expressions in VoIP Video Conferencing

Allows participants to react to meeting content with just one click. These reactions can be in the form of emojis or icons and are often used to ask questions or show attendance.

Enhanced Video Quality

Technology used in our video conferencing services ensures high-quality, real-time video for participants. This enables video conferencing to occur directly between browsers without the need for external plugins or software, resulting in improved video quality and reduced latency.

Expand Your Audience

Stream meetings directly on YouTube, expanding the audience beyond just the participants in the meeting. This allows for greater accessibility and flexibility for those who may not be able to attend the meeting in person but still want to stay up-to-date on the content.

Unrestricted Video Conferencing

No-limit video conferencing with no hidden costs or fees. This allows individuals or organizations to communicate with others without worrying about restrictions on the number of participants, duration, or frequency of meetings.

Say goodbye to long distance charges and hello to seamless communication with our VoIP service.

All the Features that you need

Video conferencing

Comes equipped with an innovative video conferencing feature that allows you to host virtual meetings with multiple participants from different locations.

Audio conferencing

Feature that allows you to connect with multiple participants on a single call, from anywhere in the world.

Webmeeting Recording

Easy to share information, ensure that important discussions are recorded, and allows teams to reference past meetings.


Work with your teams, wherever they are

Incorporate 3CTEL’s phone features seamlessly into your preferred business applications, such as Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce, and tailor integrated applications to fit your company’s specific requirements.

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Connect From Any Device​

Our Applications Let you connect from any device & connects you to the world 

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Always Steady & Connected

Video Service is a video conferencing solution that allows businesses to hold meetings, webinars, and other events online. It offers a range of features, including screen sharing, recording, and virtual backgrounds, all accessible through a user-friendly web interface.

Yes, our Video Service can integrate with a wide range of other business systems, including CRM software, email systems, and more. 

The number of participants that can join a Video Service meeting depends on the license that a business has purchased. The standard license allows up to 25 participants, while the pro license allows up to 100 participants. Custom licenses with higher participant limits are also available for larger organizations.