3ctel for MongoDB


Empower your 3ctel with MongoDB and create a more collaborative CRM experience.

Key features

  • 3CTEL can be configured to synchronize its contacts with a MongoDB database, allowing for easy management of contact information across different systems.
  • All call details can be stored in MongoDB, including call duration, call type, caller ID, and more. This data can be used for reporting and analysis purposes.
  • If a business is using a CRM system that is built on top of MongoDB, 3CTEL can integrate with it, providing a seamless experience for call center agents.
  • MongoDB’s flexible schema can be leveraged to create custom fields that can be used to store additional call-related data that is specific to a business.
  • MongoDB’s replication capabilities ensure that data is always available, even in the event of hardware failure or other issues.
  • MongoDB is designed to scale horizontally, making it a good fit for growing businesses that need to handle large amounts of data.


Efficient call management:

3CTEL can be configured to store call data in MongoDB, providing with easy access to call records, call logs, and call history. This information can be used to analyse call patterns, identify trends, and optimize call centre operations.

Seamless integration:

By integrating 3CTEL with MongoDB, you can ensure that all your systems are working together seamlessly. This integration can help reduce manual data entry, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Data security:

MongoDB provides advanced security features such as access controls, authentication, and encryption to ensure that sensitive customer data is protected. 3CTEL uses these security features to provide a secure platform for managing customer interactions and call centre operations.

Easy customization:

With MongoDB’s flexible schema, you can easily customize your data models to fit unique needs. This customization can help capture specific data points and better understand customer behaviour, leading to improved operations and increased customer satisfaction.


  • A MongoDB database instance is required.
  • To enable communication between 3CTEL and MongoDB, the necessary ports (typically 27017) must be open on the firewall.
  • MongoDB supports various authentication methods such as username/password authentication and LDAP authentication. Businesses should choose the appropriate authentication method based on their security requirements.

Technical Details 



Contact Synchronization 

Inbound / outbound calls from / to external numbers trigger a contact lookup in your database, and contact details are added to 3CTEL Contacts. This way, the caller name is automatically shown on your phone’s display when dealing with a call.

Call Pop-ups 

When using the 3CTEL Web Client or Desktop App, the customer record is brought up to you automatically when you receive an inbound call.

Call Journals 

Calls are logged in the database.

Chat Journals 

Chats are logged in the database.

Create a new contact 

Automatically create a contact when a call is made or received from/to an unknown number.

Click to Call 

Providing that your system is a web application, launch calls straight from your system via 3CTEL, using the 3CTEL Click2Call Browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.



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  • Integrate 3ctel phone capabilities into your favorite business apps like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.
  • Create integrated apps that work for your business’s unique needs with our open APIs, SDKs, widgets, and more.

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