3ctel for Jetpack CRM


Empower your Salesforce system with cloud communications capabilities and create a more collaborative CRM experience.

Key features

    • With Salesforce integration, every inbound and outbound call is automatically logged in the CRM system. This means that all call information, including call duration, call type, and call notes, is recorded in Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
    • The Click-to-Call feature allows users to make calls directly from Salesforce. By simply clicking on a phone number in Salesforce, the call is automatically initiated through the 3CTEL system.
    • When an incoming call is received, a screen pop-up appears on the user’s computer, displaying the caller’s information and previous call history. This allows the user to quickly access relevant customer data before answering the call, improving call efficiency and customer experience.
    • Salesforce integration with 3CTEL allows businesses to route calls based on specific criteria, such as the customer’s geographic location, call history, or language preference. This ensures that customers are directed to the most appropriate agent or department, increasing the likelihood of a successful resolution.
  • With Salesforce integration, businesses can access real-time call statistics and reporting directly from Salesforce. This allows managers to track agent performance, monitor call volume, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Salesforce integration with 3CTEL allows businesses to record their calls with customers. This feature can help organizations monitor and evaluate the quality of their customer interactions, as well as provide a useful reference tool for training purposes.


Streamlined Communication:

The integration allows agents to access customer information directly from Salesforce, enabling them to quickly understand customer needs and offer personalized service.

Better Sales Management:

With Salesforce integration, businesses can track sales calls and record valuable information about customer interactions. This information can be used to analyse sales performance and identify areas for improvement.

Enhanced Reporting:

Salesforce integration with 3CTEL provides real-time reporting that can be used to track call volumes, agent performance, and customer satisfaction. This information can be used to optimize performance and improve the overall customer experience.

Increased Revenue:

By providing personalized service and better management of sales calls, businesses can increase customer loyalty and drive more sales. This can lead to increased revenue and greater profitability for the business.


    • The Salesforce edition must be Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited, as these editions include the necessary API access to integrate with 3CTEL.
    • The Salesforce API must be enabled to allow integration with 3CTEL. This requires an API user account in Salesforce with the necessary permissions.
  • The integration must be configured correctly in Salesforce, including creating custom fields and setting up triggers to capture call data from 3CTEL.


Technical Details 



Contact Synchronization 

Inbound/outbound calls from/to external numbers trigger a CRM contact lookup to add to 3CTEL Contacts, so the contact name is automatically shown on your phone’s display when dealing with a call.

Call Pop-ups 

When using the 3CTEL Web Client or Desktop App, the customer record is brought up to you automatically when you receive an inbound call.

Call Journals 

Calls are logged as call records in the CRM.

Chat Journals 

Chats are logged as task records in the CRM.

Create a new contact 

Automatically when a call is made or received from / to an unknown number.

Click to Call 

Launch calls straight from Salesforce via 3CTEL, using the 3CTEL Click2Call Browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.



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  • Integrate 3ctel phone capabilities into your favorite business apps like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.
  • Create integrated apps that work for your business’s unique needs with our open APIs, SDKs, widgets, and more.

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